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Consultation Process

Every project is different. Pricing for a project usually starts with a full discussion regarding the details , including whether your project is to be mixed, the track count, format, rentals, studio(s), travel, etc. Keep in mind that the pricing for an album will be different from that of a single.

Acoustic Design (Studio Builds):
First step would be a phone call to discuss the price range of the project which is a simple low price vs high price range to see if this meets your budget. If interested, an on-site consult and pricing promise. This is a paid consultation where we will provide you with our 36+ years of knowledge, produce a formal scope of work, help with selections and promise you a price. Which of those works for you?”

Sound Proofing: 
Are you thinking of Sound Proofing your next Home Theater, Music Production Room, Vocal Booth, Professional Recording Facility, Conference room, Or maybe even your bedroom for a better night's sleep? The same steps would apply here as do for an Acoustic Design.

If your project is important to you, please contact us!

Thank you.

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