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We aim to please when it comes to the design and build of a professional studio and It's acoustic environment. Take a look below to see some of our work. Everything is customized, including pro audio desks, furniture, speaker stands, acoustic panels, bass traps, etc.

Recent Acoustic Designs


Republic Records NYC

Christos designed Acoustics for multiple rooms for the new
Republic/UMG Studios based in NYC. The completed rooms include a wonderful Dolby Atmos Reference Room, 2 Mix Rooms, and their Multi Media Presentation Hall. The project has been a success as 1000s of assets have been Mixed and aproved by UMG for release.



Republic Records LA

Republic UMG Dolby Atmos Room 



From start to completion, Acoustic Design, Consultation of every aspect from Audio to Electrical, and Project Management.


Music Works Studios
Designed by Christos Tsantilis


Just Blaze's Studio

Christos designed a new  studio for Just Blaze.

Q-TIP Rebuild & Tuning

Christos has been tuning Q-TIP's Room, and the results have been musical. The proof is in the pudding, as they say:
Tribe Called Quest's newest album debuted at #1!

Christos is also currently redesigning and remodeling Q-TIP's studio.

Ken Duro's Mix Room

Ken Duro's Mix Room was recently designed, built, and tuned by our team. Duro says that the clarity of his new room is unsurpassed.

Alissia Benveniste's studio was designed and built to be portable. Yes, even the walls! After listening to her new room, she said, "The studio has a great feel, it's very inspiring being in such

a beautiful environment, and the sound is amazing."

Check out this video of Alissia showing off her new studio:

Alissia Benveniste's Project Studio


Chester Oszustowicz' Studio

Christos consulted regarding wiring, and upgrades, including the tuning of the main monitors.
Chester's studio is now equipped with 3 units of the  X.stos Signature series Equitech Balanced power units. and multiple custom ac chords of the highest quality.

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 5.43.08 PM.jpg

Preston "Prizzie" Reid

Christos Designed the new mix room. Ken Capton Built the acoustic treatments and finished the room. Check out This Vid that shows the room While Preston is trying out the WAVES AUDIO "Silk Vocal" plugin

Quote from Preston:


“Every time someone steps into the room, they’re beyond surprised by the look of the room…..and then I press play! They’re blown away by how massive it sounds to be a fairly small mixing suite. 


Working with Christos was great. I showed him the original idea my wife and I had and he helped bring it to life. It was a long and educational journey to say the least, but I’m glad we did it. 


The main goal was to make sure the room hit all of the technical checkpoints of a major studio while maintaining a vibe that felt good for anyone to be in (not just engineers). 


It’s safe to say we achieved that and then some!”

Preston Prizzie.jpg

Sul Ki Son

Christos Designed the new mix room. Ken Capton Built the acoustic treatments and finished the room. 

Sul's Quote:


  • Having mixed in a few of the studios that have been designed by Christos, I can confirm that the low end clarity in his designs is simply the best. Accurate consistency and repeatability is what any Engineer is looking for in a space. Christos is able to achieve that over and over again with proven methods perfected by years of on site research and development.

    His experience designing rooms for some of the most sought after engineers and producers in the music business gives him this critical insight. It also helps tremendously that he himself is an accomplished Multi-Platinum Award and Grammy Nominated Engineer.

    Unlike other studio designers, it’s not just about aesthetics. It's about everything as a whole from the structural integrity, electricity, acoustics, room aesthetics, speaker positioning and tuning, air conditioning noise, sound proofing, audio wires and ac power cabling.

    He leaves no stone unturned or detail overlooked and that's what makes him the ultimate choice for your next project.

    I would recommend Christos a million times over to anyone who is serious about getting their acoustics right! He’s simply the BEST.


Daniel Caesar

Christos Designed the new vocal room. Ken Capton Built the acoustic treatments and finished the room. 


DJ Skribble Project Studio

Christos Designed (from the ground up) 

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