Be sure to check out the Photo Gallery to see pictures of the studios designed by Christos and his team!


Christos is designing a new home studio for Just Blaze.

Q-TIP Tuning

Christos has been tuning Q-TIP's Room, and the results have been musical. The proof is in the pudding, as they say: Tribe Called Quest's newest album debuted at #1!

Christos is also currently redesigning and remodeling Q-TIP's studio.

Ken Duro's Mix Room

Ken Duro's Mix Room was recently designed, built, and tuned by our team. Duro says that the clarity of his new room is unsurpassed.

Alissia Benveniste's studio was designed and built to be portable. Yes, even the walls! After listening to her new room, she said, "The studio has a great feel, it's very inspiring being in such a beautiful environment, and the sound is amazing."

Check out this video of Alissia showing off her new studio:

Portable Studio

A sneak preview of Beyond the Beyond reveals something deep. Lloyd has been working on some of these songs for decades, and his partnership with David has crystallized in ways unnerving, disturbing, shocking and absolutely rocking.


Lloyd knows a thing or two about studios. The son of a busy New York City session violinist and an in-demand concert lyric soprano, he first set foot in an audio facility at age 3, where he was seen-and-not-heard during full-fledged orchestral sessions.


As a singer who’s gone on to have a lifelong career, Lloyd has seen it all in recording. That includes enviable sessions with Eddie Kramer – producer/engineer for the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin – at South London’s famed Olympic sound Studios. Vancouver’s Pinewood Studios with producer Bruce Fairbairn (AC/DC, Aerosmith), Electric Lady Studios, the Hit Factory, LA’s Record Plant with Yes, and many more have been his host for tracking and mixing.


In addition to sharing the music, Ian and David want to share the experience of creating at BB4 Studios, which was designed by in-house engineer Christos Tsantilis to be an optimum tracking, mixing, and mastering environment, in one workflow.


“We’re excited to have our friends come and record with us here at BB4,” Ian says. “Ultimately it’s about the sound that you can achieve here, but it’s also about being comfortable so you can perform. I love it here because instead of the big window to the control room, the tracking spaces have cameras that you can turn on and off if you want to. So you have the visual connection if you need it, or privacy as a performer if you prefer that.”


The expertise that Tsantilis brings to the design of BB4, as well as the tracking, mixing and mastering sessions that he oversees, was a draw for the Lloyds. “Christos’ passion for sonic perfection is totally obvious,” says David. “I think of the studio as the equivalent to the human body. Just like capillaries and arteries are important for pumping blood everywhere, every single wire and power line in this facility has been purified to achieve the best possible sound.”

"Beyond the Beyond"