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Article by Matt Gallagher


Producer/engineer/studio designer Christos Tsantilis mixed and mastered the third album from veteran Brownsville, Brooklyn-based rapper/producer Ka, The Night’s Gambit (Iron Works), which received critical acclaim upon its summer release. Ka self-produced and self-released this effort, featuring his stark beats and intensely hushed, sometimes understated delivery of deeply reflective and evocative lyrics. Tsantilis and Ka worked together in Merlin’s Kitchen, Tsantilis’ studio on Staten Island.

Christos Tsantilis and Ka: Merlin’s Kitchen

“It’s a well-balanced room, very cozy and well-tuned, fitted with PMC monitors and mini computer speakers,” Tsantilis says. “The first track on the album set the vision, so we focused on that until we both felt we had clinched it. The rest just flowed after that. All sessions were in Pro Tools. I prepped tracks with basic EQ via Sonnox plug-ins and NTI Nightpro and API outboard. [I applied] slight compression with TK Audio and Manley Variable Mu Stereo compressors, among a few other comps, as well. Delays and reverbs were all added in as the mix came to gel.”

At Last (Etta James Cover)

Chelsea Fasano and Christos Tsantilis teamed up at BB4 Studios to recreate a classic record by Etta James. The video below captures them in the studio recording the vocals. A string section has been recorded to accompany the vocals and that video will soon be released. Click below!

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