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Welcome to MixByStos

a.k.a. Christos Tsantilis


Here you’ll find extensive information about my 36+ year career in the music industry as an Audio Professional/Acoustic Designer/ Award Winning Mix Engineer, Producer, Project manager, Sound Proofing Expert, and much more. Most importantly, thanks for visiting! Get in touch to discuss your next project.

"The architecture and design of acoustical properties within musical material should be handled with care, enthusiasm, and expertise."

                                                                                                      —Christos Tsantilis

"The architecture and design of acoustical properties within musical material should be handled with care, enthusiasm, and expertise."

                                                                                                      —Christos Tsantilis

With over 20 million records sold, multi-platinum engineer, Grammy Nominated, producer, quality control engineer, mentor, teacher, technical Writer, Author ,

and the list goes on, Christos “Stos” Tsantilis has always been an intricate part of the music industry. Christos’ talent runs deep within the history of the music industry, from pioneer Bobby Robinson (owner of Enjoy Records) to today’s superstars.


Influenced by his musical friends and family at an early age, Christos spent his childhood years studying and producing music. By just thirteen years of age he produced his very first project. Beginning his career wanting to become a better producer, Christos decided to learn the art of engineering -- and his extensive discography proves he hasn't stopped since. With over 130,000 hours of experience under his belt, including owning his own recording studios, consulting, designing, tracking, mixing, marketing, and educating, Christos has equipped himself with a vast amount of knowledge. And as they say, “knowledge is power.”


Though his career and fame have consisted mostly of Hip-Hop, Christos has successfully worked on multiple projects in various genres of music: he recently worked with top producers Just blaze and Dr. Dre on the project “All or Nothing” for artist Marsha Ambrosioun of Floetry. Having worked on projects for pop artist Mya, Grammy winning percussionist Jerry Gonzalez, urban soul band Tower Of Power, the infamous PattiLaBelle, and a pop/hip-hop collaboration with Cuban Link and Pink, Christos has proven he has exceptional talent in any genre.


His diverse background includes just about every aspect of the music industry, from sweeping floors at Core Systems (NYC) to becoming their top Quality Control Manager, handling projects for major clients such as Merryll Lynch and Prudential, and the production of monthly financial audio products. As a Quality Control Engineer for companies such as Sony, Christos has overseen many major artists' works, including Michael Jackson, Yo Yo Ma, the Dave Matthews Band, and Adele, just to name a few out of the hundreds on the roster.


Not limited to any particular genre, project, or format, Christos has worked on soundtracks for films such as Black & White, BAIT, and Any Given Sunday, The Hip Hop Project


he has also completed confidential and classified sound restoration and duplication for various government agencies.

  • For Norton Publishing, he averaged 35-40k units of language audio products per month.

  • At Sadler Recording, he handled voice-overs for radio, duplication of 1⁄4 in reels, and real time cassette duplication.

  • For Big Mouth Recording, he and owner Evan Seplow (HBO, U2) produced hundreds of music productions, edited, tracked, and mixed for clients in every genre. They later moved Big Mouth and designed and constructed a 3 audio room facility and video suites with a full video shooting facility. They flourished in the audio/video world.

  • At Circuit Studios (NYC), designer and owner Christos spent six years accumulating over 800 clients from all corners of the industry. He handled marketing/promotions, bookkeeping, public relations, and customer service. As head engineer, he had a creative hand in the careers of Bush Babies, DJ Hector Rivera (Kold Krush), Cellar Dwellers, and Doug E Fresh. World famous DJ Enuff even made his very first record at Circuit.

  • As a consultant, Christos has designed and consulted for many recording facilities. Artists such as Q-tip (Tribe Called Quest) and producer/engineer Blair Wells (Santana, Diddy, Jadakiss) have called upon his knowledge in regard to room design, acoustics, and mixing.

  • To further expand into the Latin market, Christos successfully mixed the album Los Leones featuring Jowel y Randy for the record label White Lion/Atlantic.


Between projects, Christos can be found speaking at music seminars such as CMJ, mentoring interns and assistants, and has taught classes for both City College and York College. He finds that being on a panel or in front of students and sharing information is always a positive and rewarding experience for this industry. Christos has also been hired as a private instructor, and his students have always been thrilled with the experience and how it helped them excel in the industry.


From the smallest indie project to the largest major label production, Christos’ career history includes working with every label from Sony, Universal, EMI, Warner Brothers, Rawkus, LOUD, and Def Jam to MCA and Virgin, and in studios like The Hit Factory, Electric lady studios, P. Diddy studios, The cutting room, Stadium red, Chung king, Battery Studios , Quad studios, The engine room, Music works, Merlin’s kitchen, Big mouth studios, Soundtrack studios, Sound on sound, Right Track Recording , Green street, Manhattan center, Unique studios, Area 51, Baseline Studios, Street Light, owned by John Lennon. He has:

  • Acquired over 20 platinum and gold plaques from the RIAA

  • Worked on indie music projects and voice-over work, editing, restoration, creation of runningmasters, and high speed bin loop systems

  • Handled reproduction of product fastest and most accurate of their time, loading of raw tape into cassette shells, printing, and machine handling

  • Created print for cassette shell

  • Handled the loading of cassettes into Norelco cases/soap dishes/shrink wrapping, including packaging and mailing for distribution

  • Participated with doctors in pink and white noise studies on calmness and the human brain


Christos Tsantilis is currently located on the East Coast, creating and producing the hits of the future.

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